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Serving God: For Me or For Him?

In 1965, The Rolling Stones sang a song that said, “I can’t get no satisfaction, though I try, and I try, and I try.” Depressing? Of course, they’re rock stars; they don’t have the fulfillment of living for a purpose … Continue reading

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The Marriage Question

To be married or not to be married? That is the question.  It’s a question I receive several times a week these days, usually when someone is referring to my single status or another recommendation for a perfect match… “He’s … Continue reading

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Relationtrips: Reading the Signs

“Relationships are everything…” This was a mantra repeated continually by the teacher-characters on my little brother’s favorite preschool computer game growing up. It’s funny; it was so seemingly out-of-place in the kooky, little alien-world program. But it’s true that relationships … Continue reading

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Just Skin

I was cornered. The gym had been empty when I got there but the former Israeli soldier, now personal trainer, showed up out of the blue at my side while I was unstringing my headphones to begin warming up.  At … Continue reading

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Fact Check?

When I was a teenager, it was my dream to be a journalist. No fluffy, kids stuff for me. No self-proclaimed green-movement mumbo-jumbo either.  I’d planned for years that I’d be a tough, hard-hitting, Lois Lane type, writing Pulitzer-prize-winning articles exposing  corruption … Continue reading

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