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Truth & Burgers

“Everyone else has to be better off than me…” He stood next to his car, fishing his keys out of his pocket, and eventually jammed one into the door with a sharp twist. “It’s classic nothingness, a massive stomach-ache of stupidity and … Continue reading

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Free Thought? How About I Give You a Penny For It?

Thoughts have been on my mind a lot lately and I mean that in the philosophical sense, not the literal sense (although both would be true). My one-track mind has been running a marathon this week. Don’t worry, that’s my last … Continue reading

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The Bird Room

How do we describe our thoughts? I often imagine myself in a room with a thousand birds flying in all directions around me, the deafening cacophony of their chirping and screeching reverberating off the walls and ceiling. I’m dwarfed by … Continue reading

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