A Few Things I’ve Learned

Repost from April 25, 2010
Because David Letterman already has the copyright on the top 10 list, I’ve decided to do my own thing and make it twice as good with a Top 20. Click on the links to see posts detailing some of the reasons behind each one – these are all born out of the experience of one insatiably inquisitive redhead:

  1. Discipline is what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. If you’re not disciplining yourself, your thoughts, words, and actions, you’re not a disciple.
  2. Knowing and understanding are completely different. To understand something you have to experience it and let it become a part of you.
  3. Never claim an illness or disease. If you say “my” cancer, diabetes, flu, etc. God will respect your claim to it.
  4. Going through the motions with God and calling yourself a Christian is like a loveless marriage (e.g. claiming commitment and then living for yourself).  If it’s just about rituals and words and you’re not passionately in-love and deeply emotionally, spiritually, and physically connected, give up the charade or seek counseling.
  5. Freedom is, quite simply, choosing who to serve. If you choose yourself, you’re in for a lonely ride.
  6. Conviction is better than conscience. One’s conscience can be ignored; conviction comes from your core and necessitates action.
  7. Satan is the author of confusion. If you’re confused, whatever’s confusing you is not of God.
  8. The most important book in your study of anything is the Bible – God made the world; God wrote the Bible.  There’s no more simple, logical relationship.
  9. Arrogance is THE parent-sin. You’ll find it behind every unresolved issue and conflict. It’s the opposite of love (yes, hate or apathy are considered the opposite but even these are born out of arrogance).
  10. Your face and the way you carry yourself tell almost everything about you.
  11. Because we’re a body, mind, and spirit, all three are all you and equally important. Neglect one and you’re not a whole person.
  12. People are the only asset worth investing in; they’re the only investments you’ll ever make that will last for eternity. Relationships are the currency of the Kingdom of God.
  13. Internet friends ARE NOT real relationships. You can’t trust them and should never make any emotional investments in them. Their stock is as flimsy as that of BP in 2010. There is no credibility. Put out for the ones who show up!
  14. THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE: Life is too short to lend an ear to a pessimist’s drama or to drink bad coffee. Both will ruin your day and leave you bitter.
  15. Never believe in people too much. They’re only human.
  16. Human beings are all weak-willed; if we hear or see something long enough, we begin to believe it. If we believe it, we reason according to our belief; if we reason according to a belief, we act on it and it then becomes a confirmed part of who we are.
  17. Thoughts are the circulatory carriers of the mind, like the blood is to the body. In the same way the foods you eat affect your body positively or negatively, the movies, music, books, and messages you take in will affect your mind. Whatever is pure, noble, of good report, etc. (Philippians 4:8) are the building blocks of a healthy mind.
  18. Every person alive is an artist. Each life is a canvas. Every action and word is a brushstroke. All you say or do is recorded for better or for worse.  When we get to the end of our lives, God will show our work to us and, like any good art instructor, won’t mark us down for the mistakes made if we used them creatively as a part of something beautiful and meaningful.
  19. You have only two choices when it comes to the Bible or faith in Jesus Christ: you either accept all of it or reject all of it. By rejecting part of it, you are rejecting all of it. There is no space in-between.
  20. Prayer is the only way anything good happens.

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“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Einstein
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2 Responses to A Few Things I’ve Learned

  1. Jaimie says:

    I think it was Socrates who said something about freedom only being as real as your self-mastery. That reminds me of your #5 point.

    Good list.

  2. Very nicely observed. That’s one of my favorite quotes. James Allen of New Zealand (a politician and most definitely a fan of Socratic philosophy) said, “Before complaining that you are a slave to another, be sure that you are not a slave to self.”

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