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Do We Need to Grow Up?

Legos, coloring books, and creative play were my happiest childhood memories. Life used to be simpler.  We all used to be simpler. Friendships were made in minutes because everyone needed to talk about birthdays, favorite colors, and food.  Smiles were as … Continue reading

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Celebrating Life

My family has had a challenging week but it has been an amazing opportunity to reflect on the life and heritage of a beautiful grandma who loved and served her family and Jesus Christ with all her heart.  I talk … Continue reading

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Homosexuality & Aggressive Love

Have you ever said something with total assurance that the other person would agree only to find that they’re violently opposed to your point of view? I used to write for my city and school newspapers and was determined back … Continue reading

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Relationtrips: Reading the Signs

“Relationships are everything…” This was a mantra repeated continually by the teacher-characters on my little brother’s favorite preschool computer game growing up. It’s funny; it was so seemingly out-of-place in the kooky, little alien-world program. But it’s true that relationships … Continue reading

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The Battle for Innocence

Sides were drawn in a garden thousands of years ago. Two trees physically illustrated the choice between God and his jealous opponent.  Eating “Life” was the key to keeping a perfect relationship with the awesome, almighty Creator of the Universe. … Continue reading

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