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Fieryhalo is not only a blog but a fresh, unique graphic-design provider. Should you wish to contract services or request more information, please send an email to the artist at

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NGL.jpgFirst Grace Logo(blue).jpg


DJRLogo.pngAdvance Logo2 copy







Personal Sketches
Wedding11x14 copyNewLife copy

Flyers/ Posters

Stay Fired Up311x14 Poster

Harvest Party Insert 2012 Page Size

Red Heart with Filigree Ornament



Legacy Five Pg-size flyerBB Poster copy


















Easter Egg Hunt 2013 invitecard frontEaster Egg Hunt 2013 invitecard back

2012 Christmas Card Front2012 Christmas Card Back


Event Tickets


Indoor/Outdoor Banners

StormRelief Slide


Greeting Cards


Empty wooden pier on tropical island, color filter applied

Name above All2




Relief Brochure Front Relief Brochure Inside

Album Covers



Website Design

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1 Response to Graphics Gallery

  1. Ken Ong says:

    Dear Brittany,
    It was so wonderful to have met your whole family. That was such a blessing that I will never forget. Thank also for coming by to Boba Mocha. It was such a pleasant surprise to have you all return the second time.Your website for the graphics design is extremely impressive but what impress me even more is what you wrote in your blog. I had very similar beliefs and value systems for the longest time but always dissapointed that majority of the christian world seemed to have forgotten that until I met you and your family. Everything your dad said or the contents of your songs at ACCCN hit right on the nail.You all are the real thing with no pretense. I pray to God for more of you as this world is so hungry for the truth. Unfortunately, many non- believers had some bad exerience in the past just because some of us, me included who called ourselve christians had not portrayed the love of Jesus as we should. Your family had brought back lots of hope that there are still people out there who just loves the Lord in a child like faith and dare to make a stand for his principles. I am so proud of your whole family. Your parents did a great job in mentoring everyone in your family and beyond. I can go on and on about the how wonderful the Lord is and how wonderful you all are but I will not bore you with my life story or opinion. For now, please send my regards to the rest of your family. Feel free to show them this email. You all will continue to be in my prayers. Feel free to respond to my email so that I will not take up space in your website as you can see I am pretty long winded. Ps: I will probably make a pretty good grandpa one day when I tell the kids, “Once upon a time……………..”.

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