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Relationtrips: Reading the Signs

“Relationships are everything…” This was a mantra repeated continually by the teacher-characters on my little brother’s favorite preschool computer game growing up. It’s funny; it was so seemingly out-of-place in the kooky, little alien-world program. But it’s true that relationships … Continue reading

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Death Stinketh

Good embalming skills are hard to come by, wouldn’t you say?  I was thinking about this today when I saw an advertisement for the popular television show, Bones. My friend Abby loves that show. Why an art major has a … Continue reading

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The Perfect Kiss

Like the title? I went through quite a few possibilities before I finally settled on this one. Unfortunately, it’s not referring to chocolate (although I do love Hershey kisses this time of year). This is actually a story, a true … Continue reading

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Fieryhalo Flight Facts

The high-tech helper monkeys at did a review on how Fieryhalo did in 2010 and sent me this multi-level summary of overall blog health.  I’m not sure I trust the meter but the stats are interesting.  Since Fieryhalo only … Continue reading

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