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I’m sitting in a 12th story room overlooking a harbor in the New Territories just north of Hong Kong Island. I have a mug of hot coffee in my hand with Psalm 1:1-3 elegantly scrawled into the ceramic across the side.  I can’t help thinking how appropriate that passage is at the moment. I have a pile of writing to do with a couple big deadlines for tomorrow but I’m blogging because I kinda needed the break just now.  I’m so silly, aren’t I? This isn’t exactly a break from writing.

This musical I’m working on is going to be such a powerful tool for the churches of the world and not because of anything we’re doing to make it happen. God is truly awesome. The music my family has shared in Asia and the U.S. will have an even further reach as believers worldwide sing and act out a message of hope and healing for their broken relationships. It’s the root of everything my life has always been about (just like that passage in Psalms 1).  The upside of this musical is that I get to meditate on the gospel message of this story for most of my days and have meetings with precious friends here as we work together for this goal. The downside is: I miss my family… a lot.

It’s actually pretty funny… this downside. You know tragedy and comedy can usually be very similar depending upon your perspective. It became obvious to me when I was sitting in the terminal at the San Francisco airport waiting for my flight to Tokyo. It had only been a few hours since I’d said goodbye to my family. First of all, it certainly should’ve taken me longer to feel those “I-miss-my-family” pangs. Secondly, you’d think that when I began to really feel the loss it would make me want to cry.  In fact, the opposite was true. I couldn’t help laughing! I was suddenly struck by the red electronic marquee over the check-in counter by the door.  It read:

UA 853


Boarding at 12:49 PM

Duty Free P/U inside

The last line of the marquee suddenly gave me the strangest idea that maybe I didn’t want to go inside after all.  I shook my head and stifled giggles as I imagined the jokes and laughter of Brent, Bryson, and my dad specifically.  If the girl behind that counter hadn’t been foreign, I’d have been itching to go up and ask her where the P-U came from if it was duty free. I mean really… if they’re taking such pains to warn us about the P-U, you’d think they’d also want to explain where it was coming from and at least apologize! I had a flight attendant friend later tell me what a strange brain I have and that P/U actually stands for “pick-up”.

Can you believe this actually made me think of my family? I think the main reason is because they are some of the only people on the planet that understand my love for funky double-meanings and marquee humor.  The other reason was that there was no one to share my laughter.  Even if someone else doesn’t personally think a thing is that funny, if they care about you, they usually just enjoy the light-hearted glow of the moment.  When you’re alone, you miss the reflected or, in the case of my family, exponentially multiplied glow.

They aren’t the only ones I’m missing right now either.  Speaking of exponentially multiplied glow… I know I promised a couple amazing people I’d be blogging about time spent in San Jose right away (I’ve had more hits on this blog in the past week than I’ve ever had since I started it…so cool)… you guys rocked my world last week in a BIG way. So I’d just like to say, please be patient with me; it’s definitely coming soon.  My focus here, for the time being, is very preoccupied with two thoughts: family and music.

Even still, I hope you know I love you all dearly. You are my heart. I will try to post again soon.


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