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The word is… Hong Kong is now on my immediate itinerary. Instead of flying home with the rest of my family next week as I originally planned, I’m flying directly from California to China. That was a surprise. I wasn’t expecting this at all… evident by the fact that I packed nothing more than a lightweight carry-on for the previously planned 15 day trip to Cali. Flip-flops, t-shirts, and my laptop was all I thought I needed. What a life.

As a side note tribute to the coolness of California, we stopped for Baby Blues in Venice just two days ago. It was my dad’s special request. If you ever watch Food Network like I do, Guy from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives reviewed this place last year. His enthusiastic recommendation is still written in black sharpie on their wall by the door. The place was even better than I’d expected. The music and atmosphere was amazing and our waitress, Kasey (in the Miller cap in the picture on the left) had a personality as big as the Texas beef ribs she brought to our table. It was true soul food. I agree with Guy. If you’re visiting L.A. and you want an all-out experience instead of just a meal, Baby Blues rocks.

Isn’t God awesome? It’s amazing to me how many things I’d planned for this year that have nothing to do with what I’m involved in now. This Hong Kong musical fell from the sky and will be a powerful tool for evangelism in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, and the U.S. because it’s all about family issues (everything from divorce and unfaithfulness in marriage to teen purity and homosexuality). It’s one thing to know the truth from having heard it spoken; it’s another thing to experience and understand it by living vicariously through a cast of likable characters.

The more time I spend writing for this musical among other things, the more I think about how important each word is. How many times do we hear God described as “The Word”?  This always sticks out to a language/communication guru like me.  There’s so much emphasis on reading your Bible (aka The Word) in Christianity, it almost feels like you should be ashamed if you don’t set aside your mandatory fifteen minutes a day.  If you truly received a God blessed “guiltless” life of total freedom in Jesus Christ, why does it matter whether we read a book or not?

There’s something to this. It’s a miraculous concept to think of someone limitless like God in terms of something so limited as language.  How do you define the Almighty Creator of… well… everything using limited sounds made by limited beings?  The idea blows our minds because we simply can’t think that big.

“The Word became flesh”… “and the Word WAS God”… “my Words will never pass away”

If the Word WAS God and the Word became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ (not to mention the creation of the ENTIRE physical world <Gen. 1 “And God said…”>), how much importance should we place on our words?  We were made in God’s image. He was and IS the Word. So what does that say about us?

We ARE our words.


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“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Einstein
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4 Responses to The Word

  1. Kenny Liu says:

    I have a feeling I’m going to frequent this page more and more… 🙂 Your blogs are a much needed burst of truth that does wonders for my day.

    But how true it is that from a man’s lips, spout his entire being. The Lord chose to use language and spoken word as the medium of His love and yet we so carelessly toss them for the wind, which has no sense of direction, to blow away. It’s like what Proverbs 29:20 says, “Do you see a man who is hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him.” AIYA. I’m no fool but I am often a man hasty in his words. So, hmm…

  2. Brayden says:

    Two questions.
    What will you be doing in China?
    You aren’t going alone, are you?

  3. Brittany says:

    Well… I am working with International Christian Assembly on a Christian musical that will be performed in Hong Kong the first weekend of December as an outreach tool at Christmas time. My entire family will be acting in it. Our first team meeting is tomorrow (if I can get enough sleep tonight to think clearly – haha!).

    And yes, I am here alone in one sense. I made the flight by myself today but I’m surrounded by people here that I love; I feel incredibly safe. It’s like a second home and family.

  4. Hieu says:

    What about White Castle? isn’t that the best restaurant to tryout in the midwest?

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