It bites… every time we see another church youth group crying out to Jesus Christ for his help at the altar and then, within the week, laughing until they’re crying at a movie where the name of Jesus Christ is trashed in front of millions of people.

It digs my heart out when I realize so many ‘Christian’ young people claim to be seeking innocence and purity and then parade to REGAL for a mental strip show of vicarious sexual experiences, gay orgies, expletives, and violence.  If we’re purposefully sucking up gratuitous hell without gagging on the vomit, how can we expect an ounce of heaven in our present or future existence? Or do we actually have a taste for the vomit? Either we’re cracked mentally or taking crack to think we can drink it all in without consequences.

In every form of health this principle applies: “you are what you eat.”   If we want a clean mind and heart, we take in anything clean and beautiful.  If we’re ingesting all the hot, new poop society pumps out of its vilest parts, our minds and hearts will rot in the toilet with the scum we keep going back for.  How can we drag that baggage to God and arrogantly assume he’s forgiving what we’re still living?  Salvation doesn’t work that way. If the world gives a movie an R rating and says it isn’t suitable for children under the age of 17, is it really suitable for those of us who want that child-like innocence necessary to “enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3)? Whatever happened to setting our “minds on things above” like it talks about in Colossians 3:2 or not being “conformed to the customs and behaviors of this world but [being] transformed by the renewing of our minds”? (Romans 12:2)

I learned early in my life that I never forgot anything I’d see on a screen.  As a kid, not only could I quote through most of a Disney film after only having viewed it twice and remember every face and voice to the extent that I’d connect it to other movies or television shows, I also carry with me to this day horrific scenes I saw on a commercial when I was 5 years old and my grandpa didn’t change the channel.  Every Care Bear episode I’ve ever seen is carefully recorded in detail; each Darkwing Duck show I never missed has been stored.  These are a continual reminder to me that everything goes on the record, every word, act, picture, etc. I also realized my authorities didn’t always have the power or discernment to protect me; purity had to be MY choice and I have to keep choosing it or else I’m losing it. The older I get, the more I understand innocence is not passive weakness or blind naiveté; it is an aggressive stand or action to protect what’s sweet, clean, and beautiful.

My brother, Brent, likes to tell a story we used to read in our One-a-Day devotional book growing up. The story is about two children who went to their dad begging to see a film that all their friends had been talking about. The movie was a big budget production and had been dubbed “the best” in every area; no expense was spared.  Excitedly, the children reported that it boasted ground-breaking, new special effects, some of the most talented actors and actresses, and a world-renowned director who had also been responsible for the making of other movies they had loved. Of course, the reviews had been stellar too and everyone they knew had already gone to see the film at least twice, except for them. When their father asked about sex scenes and bad language in the movie, they explained that it only had one little sex scene and just a few minor swear words. They said they could handle it though; it would be totally worth it for all the other great stuff. There was only a little bit of junk. The father said he’d think about it.

The dad later brought a big plate piled high with freshly-baked brownies to his two children.  The steaming chocolate treat looked moist and delicious and smelled even better.  Before the kids could dig in, the father took a moment to tell them all about the incredible brownies he’d made. He’d made them no expense spared. He used the finest ingredients, the richest, imported Dutch cocoa, hand-milled flour, fresh eggs, and milk he’d picked up only just that morning. Not only that, the decadent brownies were made with his heartfelt devotion and love for his two, precious children. He went on to say that the brownies had only a little bit of dog poop in them… just a tiny bit of crap. He claimed they wouldn’t even taste it. “If either of you eat these brownies, you may go to that movie.”

Although I’ve heard that story countless times, this seemed an appropriate post for a retelling.  It’s an important reminder to us to think about what we’re allowing into our minds.  A healthy head and heart, like a fit physique, requires the discipline and commitment to exercise purity one can only get through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus took discipline to a new level when he said, “anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” He’s claiming that you’re actually doing what you see in your own mind, even before you act. Essentially, “you are what you take in.” Taking a guy or girl in with a lusty look has the same calories as a sexual act.  Watching sex is the same as having it. Taking pleasure in watching a gruesome murder is just as fattening as doing it yourself.  Listening dispassionately while someone else trashes the name of Jesus Christ is like tasting the same expression on your own tongue and swallowing it down. We’ve got to wake up and smell the poison. We desperately need a diet change.

If we want or even hope to achieve a beautiful, pure mind, body, and heart devoted to Jesus Christ, it’s time to start shutting out the Hollywood crap more often.  Everyone might think it’s weird and radical to say “no” but we’ve swallowed enough excrement already to kill an entire generation, our generation.  Let’s rethink our food options and GET PICKY. It might take an aggressive act to go back to innocence but it’s the only way to go forward as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Hoang-An Le says:

    I really think that this topic is worth analyzing because many Christians today are struggling with the issue of hypocrisy and appealing to mass media. It’s true that many people prove to be real, mature Christians, but in reality, their hearts are saying the opposite. For instance, a person can say that he is a Christian all he wants, but when his parents’ backs are turned, he might succumb to going out with his gang and watching a film that his parents do not tolerate in the least. Also, the same scenario may apply for an ostentatious young female whose parents look at immodesty with a critical eye. When her parents are around, she wears a decent blouse and a comfortable fitting pair of jeans; however, when she is hanging out with a group of friends, she throws on a curves dress or puts on a miniskirt with a matching V-shape necklined top. She is probably doing this to act coquettish around the boys or enthrall her friends with her own beauty.

    These charades remind me very much of the Pharisees in the Bible as they try to act spiritual on the outside, but their inner motives are wicked and filthy with sin. I’ll admit that even I am battling with these kinds of issues from day to day, but I believe that if I ask Jesus to intercede on behalf of my life, then I will know for sure that He will help me to be the same person at home and abroad.

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