It’s Never Wrong to Give

Critics said it was a senseless tragedy. People protested. Americans rose up and spat on our husbands, brothers, fathers, and friends. Despite this history, 45 years later, we’re seeing the people of Vietnam respond in unprecedented thousands to an American family sharing a message of hope and healing in Jesus Christ.  The physical sacrifice of American troops and their Vietnamese counterparts watered the soil for a great spiritual harvest, thus proving, in God’s book, it’s never wrong to give.

At the request of a couple Vietnam veterans last week, FSM International has undertaken a campaign to thank and encourage our vets.  I just finished a couple of the poster designs:

We’ve all experienced senseless loss in some form. We’ve all had days/months/years when we’ve given of our time, resources, or energy only to watch everything (or everyone) we believed in and loved die tragically or live to turn against us.  It’s a wonderful reminder to look back and realize that God honors every sacrifice made for someone other than ourselves.  There are those who would try to devalue it but then no man can take away what God gives.

My family is ecstatic to be a part of something so huge in Vietnam.  To date, we are the only foreigners that have been allowed on a public platform since the war.  The largest crowds have been 45,000+ people.  If you click here, you can read news and even get involved in this amazing outreach by contacting our ministry office. I’d be happy to send you copies of these posters for a VFW in your area.

My dad this week told me, “Don’t let anyone talk you out of your destiny.” A normal, American life is not my calling. “No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer,” 2 Tim. 2:4.  Our service men and women understand what I’m talking about.  I believe more and more that military and missionary only differ in the kingdoms they serve. The discipline and sacrifice is the same. If no one willingly lays down their own time, resources, love, and blood for the freedom of others, bondage holds us ALL down physically and spiritually. It’s never easy but always necessary to live with steady focus on serving the goals given by our commander-in-chief.

Thank you, Vietnam Veterans, for your priceless gift.  And Thank you, readers, for continuing to follow this epic journey. God is doing miracles in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and around the world.


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  1. Hoang-An Le says:

    God is working wondrous miracles in you and your family, Brittany! What a joy it is to discover that tens of thousands in heathen, corrupt nations have come to personally receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I was just reading the newsletter, 2010 Asia Updates, and I am amazed at how God has used you to lay a godly impact on the lives of several Asian residents. When I read your blog post, I can make out the connection between the main point of your post and the ministries reported in your newsletter. Making sacrifices for the benefit of others is one essential goal that God wants us to pursue. Sometimes, I have to sacrifice my leisure time for doing my daily devotions, (not that I have to, but that I want to make spiritual progress and maintain a close relationship with God). Other times, I am willing to sacrifice living a luxurious life for stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching out to lost souls. This is one of my callings, and I hope to do this for the glory of God. It would be such an incredible opportunity to display Jesus’ supernatural love through the sharing of the gospel. Again, it is impressive that you and your family led thousands of people to the Lord during your trips to Asia. I will continue to be praying that God’s divine protection will be upon you as you embark on more memorable journeys.

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