New Moon… Who’s Biting?

A juicy apple, a blood-red rose… that beautiful fallen angel begs you don’t walk away, claiming “I won’t bite.” Sounds harmless and everyone loves to be entertained by a mystery. He’s wistful, quiet, wears a riddle in his half-smile and piques a girl’s curiosity with only a slight movement of his left eyebrow.  His image haunts her dreams with whispered promises of love possessing her in the dark. With barely a look, he creates a conundrum in your mind. It’s the classic forbidden love and even Christian girls are being seduced by the sexy, silver-tongued serpent.

Who’s biting?

We are.

I’ll confess I have a difficult time understanding (In college, we’re taught critical thinking so please bear with me… I’m questioning here). How can anyone claiming to love the radiant light of Jesus Christ be so fascinated by anything so dark and occult as the stories of vampires? If you’ve fallen in-love with the Twilight Series (movies or books), you may feel some pricks of indignation at that question, thinking “hey now, wait a minute. In these stories the vampire is different; he’s trying to protect the girl he loves! Not to mention, he’s sweet and sensitive.” It’s a unique twist on vampires, I agree, but the underlying concept is the same as it has always been. Vampires glorify the violent domination of women ESPECIALLY in sex. The fact that these stories are now aimed at teen and preteen girls who are drooling over an encounter like this is beyond frightening (for their sakes!).

The Bible says that Satan comes dressed as a prince of light… he’s drop-dead gorgeous (forgive the expression).  Get a hunky actor playing a demon and you’re rooting for the girl to turn. Even in the Twilight series, the girl wants to join the vampire in HIS world. He can’t become like her but they’re in-lust and want to be together. So what are we seeing romanticized in these stories? And is it junk food or veggies we’re feeding our minds here?

I know its standard procedure to go into a movie, take it at face value, and leave a little more entertained than you were before you spent the eight bucks but I still can’t help feeling like throwing up when another Satanic agenda is being crammed down my throat. As a girl who loves and follows Jesus Christ and studies everything spiritual, I can’t blindly ignore these things when they are so obviously spiritual in nature already. Can anyone really believe that these are just harmless, meaningless depictions of fantasy beings? If they were, I’d be the first one in the car on opening night. But when it’s about a creature whose rendering is beautiful and alluring but has the capacity and desire to suck the blood of human beings, I can’t passively consume that. (The life is in the blood- Lev. 17:14… that’s why Jesus’ death is significant to us).

If you’re a girl (or guy) that loves the Twilight series and you know I’m aware you’re a fan, please don’t take offense or feel like I’m pointing a judgmental finger. You have a right to choose where you stand but please DO understand that these kinds of media portrayals are battle lines.  We can’t afford to shut off our brains when the stakes are so high.

Yes, make-believe is just “playing pretend” (in theory) but even a fantasy is a mirror of reality. If I have an appetite for even a reflection of evil, what does that say about who I am and who I serve?


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